Flagstone Getae Legacy

We are developing a new game based on the history of Romania, but we are not recreating a historical moment.

Discover a world of magic and mystery with “Flagstone: Getae Legacy,” the next-gen RPG that transports you to a time of ancient myths and legends. Unleash your creativity and craft your own unique gameplay experience with the game’s innovative classless and levelless system. Unlike other RPGs, the game world is ever-changing, with machine-learning algorithms generating infinite stories, items, quests, and creatures. The world doesn’t wait for you, and if you don’t take action, NPCs will step in and shape the game’s outcome. Indulge in your passion for history, mythology, and mystery with Gacriva Studio’s labor of love. The game’s talk-to-NPCs feature allows you to shape relationships and change the outcome of quests, using your own voice to converse with in-game characters. Join us on this unforgettable journey, where the possibilities are endless and your skills can be crafted to your liking. Are you ready to leave your mark on the world of “Flagstone: Getae Legacy?”

We will add a fantasy twist based on new archeology finds and historical sources. Our motto: “We are designing a world, not a game”, A world where you will live among the Getae, and see the colossal influence on all other cultures. You will be able to master magic and travel in other dimensions. This world will allow you to destroy the Getae or change history. In a world where everything will be destructible. The stories, items, quests, and creatures can generate infinitely. The game world will feature real-world locations where you can see the ruined version of the in-game places. Built with Unreal Engine 5. It’s a fantasy game based on Getae's history and their legends/myths. For now, here’s a little snippet of what’s to come, in a world where magic and mythology meet History. Found this interesting? Follow us on our progress: Social media Links:

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