Gacriva Studio

Awaken the Time

An Indie Title made by one guy

Awaken the Time is a Third-person game that takes part in different time periods with different characters. 

As an entity, you can travel in your past lives.

The main storyline is about uncovering the secret of the maze that you can’t remember anything about, just that you lose your memory every time you encounter it. Can you find why?

Experience how it would be to travel in your past lives.

 In Awaken the Time you experience, from the way of the mage samurais to our times as a normal person. In the future to be a zombie apocalypse survivor to a cyber time where a suit will offer you Time Manipulation Abilities.

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Future Plans

Find investors that like our vision

We intend to finish the game

Replace all Free asstes

Polish it to a AAA quality

Port the game on Xbox and Playstation

Publish on other Platforms

Currently available on Steam in Alpha state

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Short Story {Spoiler Allert}

The main character is an Entity that creates in its dimension an illusion of the universe and a place to store some of his past lives, and an AI to keep him company.


The hero walks to a representation of his past lives and when he was a samurai and remembers that he was betrayed by somebody and doesn’t remember who and why he went to a maze. He doesn’t have any memory of this maze and decides to investigate.

Chapter I

Once in the maze, you forget everything that happened and the AI takes the form of a flying orb and will try his best to help you.

You will slowly remember all your skills as a samurai mage. Reaching the end of the maze that doesn’t make any sense you find yourself at a dead-end in that room everything will go black and white and at the end of that room, you will blackout.

Chapter II

You wake up in the present time as all was a dream. Being the weekend you will be more relaxed and do your normal routines and after an earthquake, your room in the garage to see if something broke. Entering the garage you see the flying orb from your dream but not with too much explanation. He tells you about a virus and without any warning throws you into the future.

Chapter III

You’re in a garage but it’s not the same, the flying orb tells you about your current situation and that you’re in a zombie apocalypse, and that he feels strange energy close by.

Investigating the zone you find a huge cave that you remember there was an archeological find and they wanted to build a mine but they stopped because of the ancient construction.

The ancient construction is actually the maze from the dream but it’s not in very good shape. This maze may be the cause of the apocalypse.

Going on a bridge the flying orb with the last energy that he can spare he will throw the character further in the future.

Chapter IV

Find herself on a beach close to a ship graveyard. The only thing that she can see is an entrance into a bunker.

Entering the bunker she sees how everything was abandoned and the inhabitants try to run out. Investigating you find a broken wall and through it it is a suit floating, getting closer to it you blackout and after you gain consciousness you find yourself in the suit.

A voice starts to talk to you and she said that she needs your help. You also search for the flying orb but no luck. You find different devices that can fit in the suit and give you time-manipulation abilities and the strongest one being the one in the abandoned maze garden.

Using your new abilities you go save the person in need.

You reach her and see that she is the powerful entity from the maze and she will tell you to wake up and all is just an illusion, but the AI comes out of nowhere and tries to convince you otherwise.

Chapter V

You come out of the pot of the character you played last and see also next to you the characters you played trying to figure out what happened you materialize a portal to the source that causes you to jump from one lifetime to another and see why is the maze affecting you in the current situation. 

Finding yourself in a weird place you think it’s an error of your creation you create a machine and a pod for yourself to see what is that and to try to experience and understand the anomaly. Once inside another entity papers and congratulates the AI for trapping you and they will have to keep you that way until they find a way to kill you for good.

To be continued …