Gacriva Studio


What Software do I use?

If you want to try them out you will have to dowload them from the left side and use the online software on the right

Unreal Engine – Game Engine

Quixel Mixer and Bridge – 2D/3D Assets/Editor

Blender – 3D Modeler/Sculptor/Animator

Adobe Fuse – Character Creator

Gimp – Image Editor

Mixcraft – Audio Editor

Audacity – Audio Recorder

OBS – Screen Recorder

Davinci Resolve – Video Editor

Github Desktop – Development Platform

Movie Maker – Video Editor

Paint – 2D Editor

Microsoft Visual Studio РText Editor 

Notepad++ – Text Editor

Pixlr – Photo Editor

Voice Spice Recorder – Voice Changer/Recorder

Panzoid – Video Editor

Giphy – GIF Maker

Texture Generator – Texture Converter

Color-safe – Color Palette

Flaming Text – Text Editor

gacriva studio

indie game studio and game publisher

Gacriva studio was founded in 2019, is a start-up by then, developing pc games ,established in E.U/Romania

We are a small team with 5 members and 2 subcontracted Companies looking for a growth funding stage for my company, also Project funding for an upcoming game(in development) or for the actual games.

My name is Christian Gajda a Full Stack Developer also the Founder/CEO of Gacriva Studio,

that started to work with Unreal Engine in 2019, since then I dedicated my time to learn and create games because I really enjoy making games.

In 2020 I started to work on Awaken the Time.
I started to work with CryEngine, then LumberYard, but back then it didn’t have many resources to work with. My other two choices were Unity and Unreal Engine.

Unity is great, but I picked the Unreal Engine because it had a lot of built-in functions that cut a lot of time from my workflow.

I started to learn materials and a few material functions and how to apply them.

I couldn’t perfect my skills because I needed characters. I was lucky to find Adobe Fuse and Mixamo because here not only I had a lot of characters but I also had hundreds of animations to work with. Back in Unreal Engine importing everything was overwhelming, and now I had a character that moved thanks to the blueprints and blueprint animations I didn’t need to learn how to code.

Blueprints are programing language but it’s visual scripting and the learning curve is less than any programming language.

I had all this and now was the time to add some enemies so I learned AI which was a blast, not only does Unreal Engine has the Blueprints System It has a behavior tree that is even easier to use.

Another thing I had to do was the UI that was nice and easy to understand.

I can brag for hours about how Unreal Engine changed my life but also there was also other software that helped me along the way.

Blender was I can create any 3D object I need If it’s a character I can animate. Blender I Mostly use to fix UV-maps.

Gimp is another software I use for textures, edit text, or make thumbnails.

I use other programs like Bridge and Mixer from Quixel to get photorealistic assets.