Latest games

Awaken The Time

One entity different bodies, different time zones, one storyline but different background stories in different time periods.

Flagstone: Getae Legacy

A fantasy game based on Getae history and their legends/myths, Roleplaying rogue-like sandbox Rpg with voxel elements

Flagstone: Dreams of Gods

A brand new anime-themed high fantasy TTRPG accompanied by a brand new campaign setting set in the strange world of Duende.
[for Dreams of God]

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Our team

Gajda Cristian

CEO & Full Stack Developer

Richard Vaught

Game Designer & Writer

Gajda Andreea

Marketing Manager

Majd Yahia

Front/Backend Developer

Alexander Monique

Lead Ui/UX Designer

Annoni Tommaso

Lead Sound Designer

Suneria Sabrina

Creative Writer

Brazzoduro Giulia

Lead 2D Artist

Basak Abhijit

Lead 3D Artist

Eves Chloe

Casting Director

Gleave Caroline

Music Composer

Pop Florin

2D Artist

Gomes Tiago

3D Artist